Our Advisory Process

Sandle Nash Limited is a firm of independent financial advisers and so is able to consider and recommend all types of retail investment products that could meet a client’s needs and objectives. We will consider products from all firms across the market and provide unbiased and unrestricted advice.

This process will typically involve the following stages:

  1. The Initial Meeting – we agree how best we can work together and on what remuneration basis.
  2. The Fact-find – we get to know a client’s aspirations, circumstances, objectives and existing provisions.
  3. The Review – we assess all the information we have gathered and consider how best to fulfil the client’s needs.
  4. The Report with Recommendation(s) – we present our tailored solutions and allow the client time to consider them.
  5. The Second Meeting – we discuss and agree any recommendations and complete the paperwork to implement them.
  6. The On-going Review – having agreed how often to keep in touch (and the related cost) we meet to review new and existing provisions.

We are committed to not only providing an upfront advice driven proposition, but also a life-long review and update service to accommodate the inevitable changes that occur. We will therefore confirm how we can best keep in touch and review plans with our clients as part of the overall process.