Christmas 2017 Update

Update on our Website / possible Client Portal:

We launched our website in 2016 with the aim of it being a marketing tool for new clients and a source of information for existing ones. The intention has always been to develop it, and with that in mind we are looking to introduce a ‘client portal’ next year (for those interested). This will provide:

  • A password protected means of securely posting and viewing any documents that we make accessible.
  • An alternative means of communicating with us.
  • The facility to book appointments.

Before introducing this new service, we think it best to obtain feedback from our clients, as we want to tailor it to their needs and have a number of features we could include. We would therefore be grateful if you could complete the enclosed questionnaire and return it to us in the pre-paid envelope provided.

A Social Media presence:

We pride ourselves on our ability to grow as a company through referrals alone (without the need to advertise), and so to date have not deemed it necessary to develop an active social media presence.

At the same time though, we cannot shun the rise in the use of social media (such as Facebook, Twitter and Linked-in), and have noted how they are being increasingly used by the younger generation of clients and fellow professionals to search for, and communicate with companies that they may wish to do business with. We are therefore considering developing our presence in this area, and will update again on this topic in the New Year.

The Implementation of MiFID II:

MiFID II introduces new regulations for both manufacturers (fund groups and platforms) and distributors (advisers). It aims to provide investors with further protection and clarity by:

  • Ensuring products are designed for, and sold to a clearly identified target market.
  • Providing them with more information on their investments – such as the disclosure of specific and detailed costs and charges, providing quarterly statements, and notifying them if there is a 10% drop in a discretionary managed portfolio since their last valuation statement.
  • Introducing new requirements for advisers around suitability, client agreements, recording client communications, and conflicts of interest.

The new regulations come into effect on 3rd January 2018 and means that clients should expect to receive ongoing communications well into the New Year. Rest assured however, that where action is required we will let them know!

Investment Scams / Cold Calling:

Internet and e-mail fraud is a growing concern to all of us, particularly as scammers are using increasingly clever techniques to steal money (including posing as genuine companies and referring potential victims to a genuine company’s website).  Therefore, if any client should receive a call and have doubts about it please feel free to call us before taking any action. Please remember that no genuine financial organisation will ever call asking for disclosure of sensitive information / passwords etc. Clients should wipe all texts from anyone they do not know and delete all e-mails from an unknown source without opening them. No one has ever lost money through not engaging with a cold caller!

Christmas & New Year opening hours (ignoring weekends)



18th December 2017

Open (normal hours)

19th December 2017

Open (normal hours)

20th December 2017

Open (normal hours)

21st December 2017

Closed (Office Party)

22nd December 2017

Open (normal hours but skeleton staff)
25th & 26th December 2017


27th December 2017 to 29th December 2017

Open (normal hours but skeleton staff)

1st January 2018


2nd January 2018

Open (with normal pattern thereafter)

Should any client have an urgent query we recommend e-mailing in the first instance or otherwise leaving a message on our answerphone. We will be checking both over the Christmas and New Year period.